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 Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. However, in most variations of roulette, the maximum payout multiplier for successfully betting on a single number will only multiply the bet by 35. Therefore, many players believe that winning big in this game is much more challenging compared to, for example, slots, where the payout multiplier can reach x100, x500, and beyond.

The problem of the maximum multiplier is solved in the innovative live game Lightning Roulette.

Thanks to the unique feature of Lightning, lucky players can receive additional multipliers and multiply their winning bet by up to x500.

Features of Lightning Roulette 

Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular live roulette games today. It is created based on the principles of classic European roulette and contains only one Zero sector. The game is hosted by a professional dealer, and the process of spinning the wheel and placing bets is transmitted using a system of video cameras to the monitors of the game participants. Players can interact with each other in the in-game chat.

The main feature of the game is the Lightning feature. After all players have placed their bets, the dealer activates the Lightning option and randomly selects numbers from 1 to 5. If the ball lands on one of the lucky numbers designated by Lightning after the Wheel of Fortune stops spinning, the player who bet on that number will receive a payout with an increased multiplier. The maximum possible payout multiplier in Lightning Roulette will multiply the bet by 500.

Bets in Lightning Roulette

Like in classic European roulette, Lightning Roulette players can make one or several bets during a single round. All bets in the game are divided into two groups:

  1. Inside bets - bets placed either on numbers or on the lines between them. With inside bets, a player can bet on one number or several at once, for example, 3 or 6, significantly increasing the chances of success. Corner bets are also popular, where chips are placed at the intersection of four cells.
  2. Outside bets - placed below or to the side of the main number grid. Outside bets are made either on even/odd or on the colour of the sector - red or black. An alternative option is to bet on the numerical interval where the ball will land.

How to Play and Win in Lightning Roulette

Playing Lightning Roulette is quite simple; the game follows the traditions of European roulette. The goal of the game is to guess in which sector or interval the ball will land after the Wheel of Fortune stops spinning.

Lightning Roulette is available in online casinos in the Live Games category. To play and win, click the Registration button and create an account using any convenient method - with an email, phone number, or through popular social networks. Then make a deposit.

The specifics of Lightning Roulette do not allow entering the game with a zero balance on the deposit. The demo version is also unavailable, but you can observe the gameplay of other players and play with minimum bets until you feel confident enough.

Winning Strategies in Lightning Roulette

  • Martingale on 1 to 1 bets. Despite being considered one of the riskiest and most aggressive tactics, the Martingale strategy can bring excellent results in 1 to 1 bets. The essence of the strategy is simple - after each loss, the bet amount is doubled, while you bet on either red/black or even/odd. Winning will allow you to compensate for losses and come out ahead.
  • Go big - bet on a single number. This tactic is for risk-takers and adrenaline junkies - test your luck and bet on a single number. In case of success, your winnings will be multiplied by x35, and if the Lightning option triggers, the winnings will be much higher! But be cautious, this strategy involves serious risk, so don't wager your entire bankroll on one round.
  • Play it safe. This betting strategy is suitable for beginners - try making small outside bets - for example, on even/odd, red/black, or dozens. The chance of winning in this case is 50% and 33%, respectively, making winning quite easy. Try playing 10-15 rounds, and you will undoubtedly end up ahead.
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